RoadPathTool v1.1|unity3d道路生成插件RoadPathTool
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  • Unity - Road Path Tool v1
  • RoadPathTool v1.1|unity3d道路生成插件RoadPathTool
    RoadPathTool v1.1是一个简单的UNITY3道路生成工具,只需几个简单的步骤,就可在UNITY3D环境中完成道路的建模工作。

    The Road/Path Tool was developed by Chris Morris for an upcoming Six Times Nothing game, Dawn Of The Tyrant, and adapted for public use.

    The Road/Path Tool has a few basic functions:

    New Path - Creates a new path object
    Click "New Path" to create a new path Game Object - 'Path' - and select it.
    Click "Add Path Node". Give the editor window focus (right click) and find an appropriate node position with your mouse. Press 'p' on your keyboard to add a node at that location.
    Continue adding nodes and changing parameters until you are satisfied with your path.
    Click "Finalize Path" to finish the path and deform the terrain. *You cannot add nodes after finalizing*
    Click "Smooth Path" to smooth the terrain local to the path. This is available after you finalize.
    Click "Smooth Path Slope" to smooth the terrain leading into the path. This is available after you finalize.

    The Road/Path Tool has a few parameters that define the type of path to create:

    "Road" - This check box defines whether or not the path created will be a mesh or a texture. A road will create a mesh.
    "Path Width" - This is the width of the path.
    "Texture Prototype" - This is the texture prototype number (from you terrain textures list) to use. *Remember, these start at 0 so if you have 2 terrain textures they are textures 0 and 1
    "Uniform Texture" - This check box defines whether or not you want the path texture to be uniformly distributed or not.
    "Wear" - If you choose not to have a uniform texture, wear is the amount of fade placed on the texture. The higher the wear, the more worn the path will be
    "Flat" - This forces your path to be flat and deforms the terrain in order to do so.
    "Mesh Smoothing" - This is the step number of interpolation points - sort of like a level of detail

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