UNITY3D特效、灯光、阴影插件|CORE Framework
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  • UNITY3D特效、灯光、阴影插件|CORE Framework
    CORE Framework是快速优化着色器,可定制明亮的着色系统,类和编辑脚本被设计为运行在移动和桌面平台的组合。

    Requires Unity 3.5.7 or higher.
    Works in unity 3.5 through 4.2
    The CORE Framework is a combination of fast hand optimized shaders, customizable lit-shader system, classes and editor scripts that were designed to run on mobile and desktop platforms. Created by Scott Host, a professional game developer with over 20 years experience
    What you get:
    * 100+ super fast CG Vertex/Fragment shaders.
    * Customizable 6 light shader system.
    * Spotlight option that works with bumpmapping,
    - shadows and Beast lightmapping.
    * Shadow Tinting option.
    * GameObject outline and overlay system.
    * Pooling of GameObjects.
    * EchoFXEvent class with pre made effects.
    * Per-GameObject shader properties.
    * 14 Sample projects in C# and JS,
    * Everything works on mobile platforms !
    * A year of work you can add in a few minutes.
    * and more!

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