Revit轻型钢结构视频教程|Modeling Light Gauge Steel in Revit
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外文名称:Modeling Light Gauge Steel in Revit



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  • Revit轻型钢结构教程
  • Revit轻型钢结构视频教程|Modeling Light Gauge Steel in Revit
    Duration 35m 30s Level Intermediate Project Files Included 
    Software used
    What you will learn
    In this set of tutorials we'll learn how to model a light gauge steel addition for a small renovation project. We'll start with a custom made moment frame structural member that we'll place at our grid lines. From there, we'll begin adding purlins, girts and even some lateral bracing. I'll show you few tips and tricks that help you get the job done with ease and also save you some time in the process. So with that, I'm ready to get started and I'll see you in the next lesson!
    01. Introduction and project overview 00:33
    02. Placing moment frames and connections 07:47
    03. Placing gusset plates onto moment frames 09:17
    04. Placing x-bracing onto moment frames 06:45
    05. Framing light gauge roof systems 03:51
    06. Framing girts around moment frames 07:17

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