VoluMill V5.0 build 1623 for NX7.5, 8.0.2 and 8.5 x86/x64|NX CAM插件VoluMill
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VoluMill V5.0 build 1623 for NX7.5, 8.0.2 and 8.5 x86/x64|NX CAM插件VoluMill
采用VoluMill增加了NX CAM的价值。它增加了刀具路径的选项,NX CAM并没有提供为标准,刀具路径专门设计的,以除去材料快速,高效,同时更好地准备部分完成与NX CAM的刀具路径。
VoluMill刀具路径引擎为NX看起来和运行像原生NX CAM模块,它很好地集成NX CAM和CAM Express的用户会发现很容易使用。
VoluMill V5.0安装方法:请看相关的READEME

VoluMill adds to the value of NX CAM. It adds toolpath options that NX CAM does not provide as standard, toolpaths specifically engineered to remove material quickly and efficiently while better preparing the part for finishing with NX CAM’s toolpaths.
VoluMill for NX looks and runs like native NX CAM modules; it is well integrated and NX CAM and CAM Express users will find it easy to adopt and use.

HOW TO INSTALL VoluMill v5.0

1. Install VoluMill v5.0 for NX8.5

2. Run VoluMill License Manager

 Click "Get a license..." > select "A static license on this computer only" > Next > select "No, I will not use the internet to activate my license" > Next > select "No, create a License Request file so I can email it to: support@celeritive.com" > Done

3. Save license request file (VoluMillLicenseRequest.vmlic) > OK

4. Close VoluMill License Manager

5. Open in text editor files "VoluMillLicenseRequest.vmlic" and "VoluMillLicenses.xml"

6. In "VoluMillLicenses.xml" replece the string

with same one from file "VoluMillLicenseRequest.vmlic"

7. Save "VoluMillLicenses.xml" and copy it

 for Win XP computers to C:\Documents and Settings\All Users.WINDOWS\Application Data\Celeritive Technologies\Licenses\

 for Vista/Win7 computers to C:\ProgramData\Celeritive Technologies\Licenses\

8. Copy file "VoluMillEngines.dll" from the crack to <VoluMill for NX8.5 progdir> (by default C:\Program Files\Celeritive Technologies\VoluMill for NX8.5\ ) and overwrite original one

9. Enjoy

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