3DSMAX爆炸碎裂插件rayfire1.60|RayFire 1.60 for 3ds Max 2011-2013 X64
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3DSMAX爆炸碎裂插件rayfire1.60(RayFire 1.60 for - 3ds Max 2011-2013 X64)
3DSMAX最强爆炸碎裂插件rayfire 1.6最新版本下载。

RayFire 1.60 is released.
RayFire Trace object. Image tracing to fragments.
RayFire Bomb now SDK implemented. Range is always visible.
Enhanced UI. New images for buttons and checkboxes. 
Dead Objects and Home Grid as Ground moved in Simulation properties rollout.
Simulate from Timeslider feature simulates untill End frame, not whole TIme Range frames.
Trace Maps link in About. Opens page with some Trace maps to start.
Changed Fragmentation by Shapes feature. Now it doesn't cache images to shapes. Instead you can add shapes which you want to use to fragment Dynamic objects. Shapes can be created using RayFire Trace object.
Fixed Bake Group function.
Small fixes and Improvements.

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